Goospares has expertise team for market analyses about each and every product posted in Goospares portal

No GooSpares won’t buy any products it’s a portal for connecting buyer and seller

Yes, Goospares provide Logistics support

Free cost for listing, marketing and identifying buyer/seller

Goospares receive a commission for each product sold

Goospares is a e-commerce platform for buying/selling engineering goods under following categories of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Equipment's & Machinery, Material Handling Equipment's, Consumable items, etc.

Yes every seller/buyer are requested to register

Registration is an important step for us to get to know the buyers on the system. Only verified buyers are allowed on the system. We need just basic information of their business and company, with supporting documents, to authenticate them on our portal. Once approved, you will have full access to the platform.

You need to register on Goospares in order to post any product.

Yes, Goospares has its cataloguing team


Basic information can be filled in our New user tab, For further assistance contact. Email:  info@goospares.com