Assembling, setting and maintaining the electrical spares If someone asks “how to manage warehouse obsolescence”, “maintenance” can be the straight answer. Any equipment can fail, but failure rates can be controlled through proper maintenance. The breaking down of the electrical spares is normally just as complicated as assembling it; all
how to sell surplus mro spare parts
The challenge in selling MRO spare parts is that it is difficult to find a buyer willing to pay a fair value for the list of numerous spare parts that you hold in your inventory. The key to recovering the maximum value is to break the list down into manageable
Naleem Bukari, Founder and CEO of CODA TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION, quotes that so much changes have happened in the past 10 years, especially after evolution of Digitalization across varied sections of life!  From Vintage phones to Smart phones From Barter System to Digital Economy From Traditional Book Keeping to ERP Management