Naleem Bukari, Founder and CEO of CODA TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION, quotes that so much changes have happened in the past 10 years, especially after evolution of Digitalization across varied sections of life!  From Vintage phones to Smart phones From Barter System to Digital Economy From Traditional Book Keeping to ERP Management
E-commerce has been gaining a lot of momentum and has become extremely popular in the B2C space.  However, in the B2B market, the penetration levels are still low.  There is a lot of opportunity for B2B E-commerce players. Be it a business that deals with expensive industrial products or inexpensive
Excess inventory does not only harm your company’s profits but impacts the overall economy too, as those resources can be put for better use.  More you hold on to the idle industrial products, the more you lose (finally disposing as scrap or even pay to flush out scrap). There are